New ULL route to Basildon & hollowcore fibre deployment

We have deployed a new ultra low latency route between Basildon and London in the UK that connects the ICE data centre to Interxion LON1 & 2: A Digital Realty Company, and onwards to Slough. These are critical locations for financial markets.

The new route is over 45km long and includes 14km of ultra low latency Lumenisity® CoreSmart® hollowcore fibre cable. Lumenisity supplied the award-winning cable, which is based on NANF® hollowcore technology to enable transmission over long distances and compatibility with regular single mode fibre – both major constraints on other hollowcore fibre architectures. 

This is our third hollowcore fibre deployment following successful deliveries of the first commercial route in April 2021 and the second in March earlier this year.

Key features

  • A new route connecting the ICE data centre to Interxion LON1 & 2: A Digital Realty Company,
  • Over 45km long, including 14km of Lumenisity® CoreSmart® hollowcore fibre cable.
  • 10% faster than an equivalent all single mode fibre cable.
  • The longest commercial deployment of hollowcore fibre technology to date, exclusive to euNetworks and its customers.
  • Offering euNetworks’ dedicated ultra low latency network platform euTrade, at bandwidths between 1G and 10G.

press releaseeuTrade

We have successfully delivered increasingly longer deployments of hollowcore fibre in our network, becoming the first fibre provider in the world to utilise the benefits of this new fibre technology in commercial markets. From the initial 1km pilot, the teams have deployed hollowcore cable lengths of 7km and 14km, as well as successfully blending hollowcore fibre with regular single mode fibre on this latest route. We continue to be focused on delivering the best possible bandwidth solutions for our customers and look forward to deploying longer routes with Lumenisity in the coming quarters.

Paula Cogan

Chief Executive Officer, euNetworks