Metro Wavelengths

Dedicated, secure, and customised bandwidth, enabling reliable high data-rate delivery in European cities.

Metro Wavelengths bandwidth supports connectivity to over 542+ data centres, and supports the need for ultra-high volume bandwidth between buildings. This product is delivered via euNetworks owned fibre or leased infrastructure to meet our customer’s needs.

Key features

  • Standard design, with pre-deployed capacity for quick service turn up and cost efficiency. For more detail take a look at dc connect
  • Customised design service option to directly meet our customer’s needs
  • Multiple service ports enabling various solution configuration options – 1G-400G
  • AES Encryption for data transmission security to protect our customer’s content – AES 256bit encryption with Adva or Infinera CPE
  • A transparent, monitored and maintained service, underpinned by strong SLAs – 6 hours time to fix, 99.5% availability
  • Connecting key data centres in each European city as well as high bandwidth consuming buildings
  •  Delivering true reliability and scalability, with cost efficiency in mind.
  • Protected Wavelengths available, offering increased resilience and SLA-backed service availability of up to 99.99%.

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We help businesses measure their emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals

innovative, data-driven tools that provide emissions reporting on network construction projects and individual services.

The euNetworks Carbon by Service Tool

This provides a calculation of the carbon emissions associated with each euNetworks service, allowing customers to report on the environmental impacts of their network services. Our customers can more accurately report on Scope 3 emissions (emissions from the upstream or downstream supply chain), specifically the network connections owned and managed by euNetworks.

We want to be the category owner for bandwidth infrastructure services in Western Europe for our true fans by consistently over-delivering one or two key benefits.

Hannah Britt

Chief Marketing Officer, eunetworks

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