Second hollowcore fibre deployment

We’ve deployed 7km of Lumenisity® CoreSmart® hollowcore fibre cable. That’s a global first, being the longest commercial deployment to date. It’s the second deployment in euNetworks’ hollowcore fibre development roadmap as we continue to lead the market in innovatively delivering fibre-based, ultra-low latency services throughout Europe.

This route, announced on 8 March 2022, links Interxion LON1: A Digital Realty Company data centre, and The London Stock Exchange new data centre in London’s Docklands, using ultra low latency CoreSmart® cable.

Data travels 50% faster in hollowcore cable, reducing latency by 1/3, and providing a round trip saving of 3μs (3 microseconds) per kilometre. These latency savings are hugely significant in financial trading applications. They can also be scaled to increase the separation of data centres by 50%, whilst maintaining the latency envelope, more than doubling the area of land in which these data centres can be located.

Key features

  • New hollowcore fibre route to The London Stock Exchange in Docklands, London.
  • 7km in length and 30% faster than all equivalent regular fibre routes.
  • The route is the longest commercial deployment of hollowcore fibre technology and its use is exclusive to euNetworks and its customers.
  • Offering euTrade services, 10G and above.
  • It’s the second deployment for euNetworks following delivery of the first hollowcore based commercial route in April 2021.
  • euNetworks’ euTrade solution is a dedicated network platform supporting the bandwidth needs of the financial services community. It’s a market leading exchange to exchange ultra-low latency connectivity solution.
  • The company continues to optimise routes between all the key trading exchanges in Europe, and is supporting major exchange moves this year (Euronext and the London Stock Exchange). This focus ensures delivery of the shortest paths and lowest latencies available in the market.


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We're excited to be moving through our roadmap of hollowcore fibre deployment with Lumenisity, leading the way in integrating new and innovative technology into our network. We continue to be focused on delivering the best possible bandwidth solutions for our customers and look forward to deploying longer routes with Lumenisity in the coming quarters.

Paula Cogan

President, euNetworks