Supporting the unpredictable bandwidth growth of cloud compute, social and web-based organisations.

Many of the world’s largest content organisations take advantage of euNetworks’ unique, Pan European metro and long haul fibre assets to fulfil their growing bandwidth needs. euNetworks supports these companies, delivering multi-terabit bandwidth infrastructure projects across the region.

Investing for scale and multi-route diversity

Traffic doubles every year for our biggest customers. We invest and build our networks to support this growth.

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Bespoke network projects

euNetworks continues to invest and develop both metro and long haul footprint, with multiple construction projects underway at anytime. Many of the world’s largest content companies take advantage of our unique networks and our ability to invest and build new routes at pace. We work closely with these customers, designing, managing and delivering on large-scale projects.

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Differentiated footprint

We’ve built an impressive footprint across Europe, offering triversity and quadversity together with a portfolio of  diverse connectivity options. Our network offers a large volume of data centre to data centre bandwidth services, long haul and metro, between hyperscale traffic aggregation sites and we continue to evolve and invest. That means your network will be differentiated, scalable and can easily develop with further breadth and depth too. Today we own and operate fibre networks in 18 key European cities as well as a long haul network spanning 53 cities across 17 countries. We directly connect over 536 data centres and over 2,700 locations.

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Dedicated connectivity

Our network scale and approach to solutions means we build you network solutions that are dedicated to your specific needs. Whether Dark Fibre, Wavelengths or Ethernet connections, we work with you to design what will deliver your bandwidth needs now and can scale for your future.

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Metro bulk fibre

  • Offering data centre to data centre high fibre count options up to 3456f cable size
  • Simpler “cross connect” style deployment model in <10km environments
  • Lower ongoing capex
  • Less complex to manage

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Speed & simplicity

We appreciate many of our customers want their bandwidth services quickly. Our processes are fast and efficient. We respond quickly to requests and with our knowledge and solid understanding of your technical needs, our quotes are both cost efficient and fit for purpose. Contracts are clear, transparent and simple, with no hidden costs. We own our own network so you can make delivery promises to your customers with confidence.

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Cost efficiency

  • We own our own fibre. We focus on that asset.
  • Our commercial approach is flexible and demand based.
  • High quality performance comes as standard and is a natural by-product of our operating model and network strategy.
  • We continue to invest in our network and therefore your success.
  • We do not carry unnecessary complexity that customers have to pay for. Our business is bandwidth.

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Quality & resilience

When you make service promises to your customers, you need to know that you can trust your suppliers to deliver to the highest standard. Quality and resilience are at the heart of euNetworks’ service focus. We continue to invest in our network to support customer requirements and maintain our position as Europe’s bandwidth infrastructure provider.

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Flexible solutions

We design solutions in the same way we design networks- with innovation and with our customers in mind. From Ethernet and Cloud Connect ordering online, delivering your flexible bandwidth solutions between data centres, to alien wavelength, multi-terabit systems and Dark Fibre. We own our network at the fibre layer, so we control the economics and the way we can develop it with your needs in mind.

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We help businesses measure their emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals

To help our customers achieve their own ESG and decarbonisation goals, we have developed innovative, data-driven tools that provide emissions reporting on network construction projects and individual services.

The euNetworks Network Construction Carbon Tool

This assesses the environmental impact of planned network construction projects, providing transparency around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for proposed new network builds. This allows customers to fully understand and accurately report on the environmental impact of proposed network building projects and the ability to alter designs to lower their carbon impact.

The euNetworks Carbon by Service Tool

This provides a calculation of the carbon emissions associated with each euNetworks service, allowing customers to report on the environmental impacts of their network services. Our customers can more accurately report on Scope 3 emissions (emissions from the upstream or downstream supply chain), specifically the network connections owned and managed by euNetworks.

We’re upgrading some paths and overbuilding key routes as bandwidth demand between key ‘hyperscale’ data aggregation sites continues to grow exponentially. We’re also extending our metro networks, constructing diverse, unique routes to new locations that are near our existing metro footprints. We’re fortunate to have a network that enables us to do that and when you own the duct or sub-duct, you have more control over the economics of how you shape and develop your network.

Matt Winward

Chief Sales Officer, euNetworks

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