Cloud Enablement

Cloud services are at the centre of today’s digital infrastructure strategies, enabling growth and delivering new capabilities and efficiencies.

The complexities of connecting and managing cloud environments present new network challenges:

  • Multi-cloud ecosystems are increasing in complexity and require expert optimisation to avoid slow network speeds and degraded application performance.
  • Data is surging through networks between platforms and locations. This can impact cost efficiencies, security, and create data sovereignty challenges if not architected correctly.
  • The network connectivity that enables a cloud strategy needs to be scalable today, and built for future demands.
  • The ESG and sustainability goals of today’s organisations require a digital infrastructure partner that can provide emissions data that quantifies the impact of connectivity solutions.

We’re working with our customers to overcome these challenges and enable their cloud strategies for the long term. We’re using our extensive data centre to data centre fibre-based networks, our expertise, and our service performance to fully realise the benefits and competitive advantages cloud technology can deliver.

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We simplify cloud complexity

Multi-cloud environments are commonplace today, allowing businesses to take advantage of the unique capabilities and strengths of specific clouds for specific workloads.

But without expertly architecting and interconnecting these environments, you can be left with an ecosystem of fragmented, complicated, and siloed cloud systems that suffer from:

  • Slow speeds and data transfer delays
  • Degraded application performance and user experience
  • Intricate network paths, adding to latency

euNetworks delivers the critical low latency cloud and data centre connectivity needed for simplified, flexible and reliable network performance.

  • Seamless, reliable integration between cloud platforms
  • High bandwidth, low latency connectivity
  • Network capacity available on demand
  • Fibre-based solutions between locations, cloud on-ramps, data centres, cities, and countries

How complex is your cloud strategy and is it scalable for future growth?

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We transport data safely and efficiently

As businesses seek to access, transport, and monetise their data they are being confronted with significant network challenges.

  • Increased cloud adoption and new technologies like GenAI mean dramatic increases in the storage, processing, and analysis of large data sets
  • Data transported between cloud environments can be subject to rising and unpredictable egress costs, as well as being exposed to interception or cyberattack on vulnerable public networks
  • Regulations like GDPR or HIPAA are forcing organisations to comply with regional approaches to data storage and security

euNetworks delivers pan-European connectivity, across countries and in cities, with the capacity to support data transport from multiple sources.

  • Optimising speeds between clouds and private resources
  • Accelerating the distribution and automation of data
  • Maintaining compliance with data sovereignty regulations

Are you able to efficiently distribute your data to where you need it to be?

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We build cloud-optimised network solutions

To stay competitive, businesses must ensure their IT infrastructure is capable of leveraging the scalability, flexibility, and innovation that cloud computing offers.

  • Legacy infrastructure lacks the efficiency and scale to complement evolving cloud strategies
  • Rigid, hardware-dependent networks lack proximity to cloud providers and often struggle to scale up or down efficiently to meet the dynamic demands of cloud-based resources
  • Inflexible routing can mean backhauling traffic to a centralised data centre before reaching the cloud, introducing latency and reducing performance

Our network is designed for cloud enablement

  • Close and securely connected to our customer’s critical cloud services
  • Delivering low latency and easily scalable bandwidth
  • Cloud-ready with over 180 cloud on-ramps built into a backbone of over 525 directly connected European data centres

Is your network optimised to bring the best out of your cloud environments?

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We help customers achieve their ESG and sustainability goals

Businesses need digital infrastructure partners that can help them decarbonise their digital supply chain and provide emissions data on the infrastructure services they use.

  • Businesses are taking more responsibility for their environmental, economic, and social impact
  • Migrating workloads to the cloud or moving on-site hardware to purpose-built data centre facilities offer more power-efficient solutions and are based on renewables
  • Understanding and visibility of infrastructure carbon emissions are essential to managing them. You can’t manage and reduce what you can’t measure

euNetworks has the tools, capabilities, and experience, developed through our own sustainability journey, to empower our customers to measure and address carbon emissions with precision.

  • Innovative carbon measurement tools – for each service, solution, or network project
  • Building sustainable fibre-based network Super Highways
  • Collaborating with suppliers and partners for a lower carbon footprint

Is your digital infrastructure supporting your sustainability goals?

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We're a trusted network partner

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We help businesses measure their emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals.

To support our customers in achieving their ESG and decarbonisation goals, we’ve developed innovative, data-driven tools. These tools offer emissions reporting on network construction projects and individual services.

The euNetworks Network Construction Carbon Tool 

This tool assesses carbon emissions from network construction projects, offering transparency around greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for proposed new builds. It enables customers to grasp and accurately report the environmental impact of such projects, empowering adjustments to reduce their carbon footprint.

The euNetworks Carbon by Service Tool

This tool calculates the carbon emissions associated with each euNetworks service. It allows customers to report on the environmental impacts of their network services, especially Scope 3 emissions — those from the upstream or downstream supply chain — specifically the network connections owned and managed by euNetworks.