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We believe that bandwidth changes everything, connecting everybody to everything, making anything possible. We own and operate 14 dense fibre based metropolitan city networks in Western Europe. These are connected with our intercity backbone covering 49 cities in 15 countries.

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Exploring our networks

See how we’ve  developed our networks, explore the footprint and connected buildings and find out what’s currently under construction.

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History of development

Over the last 3 years we’ve added 25,200 kilometres of lit fibre in the long haul, built out more metro footprint  and connected up key sites for our customers. Take a look at how we’ve developed.

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Our Metro networks

Our metro networks connect the key data centre clusters and other aggregation points and buildings our customers need. We connect these with scalable, high fibre count cables. Explore our footprint.

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Upcoming developments

We continue to invest in our networks for our customers, extending our long haul routes, adding fibre kilometres and new networks in the metro and connecting more data centres. Explore our current projects and contact us for more information

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Fibre is and will remain the crucial underlying foundation of the internet and caters to an increasingly connected and bandwidth hungry world.

Jennifer Smith

Chief Financial Officer

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Network reach

We continue to add route kilometres in our metro and intercity networks, connecting more data centres, key sites and buildings with fibre.

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