Multi-Service Port

Quickly scale cloud platform connectivity and IP connectivity through one port.

A single port with the capability to scale connectivity services quickly. With a Multi-Service Port (MSP) a customer can have new services added quickly and easily through one port. This change improves the agility and speed with which they can meet new demand and changing IT requirements.

Key features

  • Available services (VLANs): DC Connect (Ethernet), Cloud Connect,  E-Lan Connect, Internet Connect and Remote Peering. Max 10Gb per VLAN
  • Available speeds: 1Gb (available in 310 DCs),10Gb (available in 260 DCs) and 100Gb (available in 70 DC locations).
  • Flexible and scalable: With an MSP in place, new services can be easily added to meet changing IT demand and requirements through both Account Manager and portal.
  • Rapid portal ordering: Between Multi-Service Ports, services such as Cloud Connect (Azure and hosted AWS), as well as VLANs between MSPs, can be ordered through our portal and will be auto-provisioned.
  • Save time on delivery and cost: An MSP removes the manual delivery time and costs of multiple ports and cross connects, that would otherwise have to be ordered individually per service.

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DC Connect

Our near instant data centre connectivity solution. We’ve pre-deployed connectivity between key data centres in our metro cities.

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Cloud Connect

Private and secure access to all major cloud providers across our footprint of 536+ connected data centres.

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Offering basic and managed fibre based Internet connections, enabling wider virtual private networks.

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We help businesses measure their emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals

To help our customers achieve their own ESG and decarbonisation goals, we have developed innovative, data-driven tools that provide emissions reporting on network construction projects and individual services.

The euNetworks Carbon by Service Tool

This provides a calculation of the carbon emissions associated with each euNetworks service, allowing customers to report on the environmental impacts of their network services. Our customers can more accurately report on Scope 3 emissions (emissions from the upstream or downstream supply chain), specifically the network connections owned and managed by euNetworks.