Enabling the transport of information between customer locations or data centres, point to point, point to multi point and any to any.

Our Ethernet services are carrier grade Ethernet networking solutions using MPLS/VPLS technology. They are fully compliant and MEF 3.0 certified, bringing the advantages of the LAN into the WAN. We support large enterprises who are moving from classic networking solutions to cloud aware networking and requiring more bandwidth between key sites. Carriers rely on our Ethernet services for access to end users or for international data centre connectivity. We also support cloud and storage providers using AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms, amongst others.

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Key features

  • High performance – Our Ethernet services are run on a dedicated MPLS core network, not shared by other services like IP or IPVPN. This reduces overall utilisation, minimises spikes in traffic and reduces network performance issues. Delivering a highly available, reliable and consistent service. We offer SLA availability options from 99.9% up to 99.99%.
  • MEF 3.0 certified – This industry leading standard ensures defined levels of high service quality, interoperability & functionality.
  • Rapidly scalable – Granular speeds starting at 10 Mbps moving up to 10 Gbps. Bandwidth that can easily scale when business requirements change.
  • Flexible – Multiple topologies that fit any customer requirement (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint). Moving from one topology to another is simple and frictionless.
  • Diverse by design – Fully diverse service designs with no single point of failure.
  • Traffic control – Traffic segmentation available at VLAN level. Multiple connections can be offered on a single interface, defined by customers at no additional charge.
  • Simple equipment installation – An Ethernet network or connection enables ‘plug and play’ equipment as if it were on a LAN.
  • Fully managed option – A managed Layer 2 CPE (Network Termination Unit) providing the euNetwork NOC with end-to-end visibility and management of service tickets and resolution times. 
  • Multi-Service Port option – A cost effective, flexible option that allows multiple services (Ethernet, IP, Cloud Connect) to be configured on a single physical port. Bringing more control to the customer, reducing complexity and cost.
  • Cloud Connect options – Connectivity to all major public cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud).


We’re deploying 10GE across our connected data centre footprint. Offering scalable, flexible data centre to data centre connectivity.

  • This delivers a scalable path beyond 1G and an alternative to Protected Wavelengths.
  • It enables our customers to gain access to our large data centre footprint without the need for colocation and platform roll out.

Portal ordering

Order, upgrade, downgrade and cease your Ethernet or Cloud Connect service online via our euNetworks Customer Portal, or using our API in to your own systems

Services are provisioned automatically at the back end, including LOAs

We help businesses measure their emissions to meet ESG and sustainability goals

innovative, data-driven tools that provide emissions reporting on network construction projects and individual services.

The euNetworks Carbon by Service Tool

This provides a calculation of the carbon emissions associated with each euNetworks service, allowing customers to report on the environmental impacts of their network services. Our customers can more accurately report on Scope 3 emissions (emissions from the upstream or downstream supply chain), specifically the network connections owned and managed by euNetworks.

We're  deploying 10G Ethernet across our connected data centre footprint, offering scalable, flexible data centre to data centre connectivity. This gives our customers access to this footprint without the need for colocation and platform roll out. Our software driven approach to provisioning delivers a new level of customer service as well.

Toby Williams

Chief Product Officer, euNetworks

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