The London Stock Exchange Group | Accredited Connectivity Partner (ACP)

euNetworks has been an Accredited Connectivity Partner to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) for over a decade, joining the programme in 2012. As an ACP, euNetworks offers direct and dedicated connectivity to trading and market data from The London Stock Exchange Group’s core markets.

Our euTrade platform provides LSEG customers:

  • New, unique and diverse routes to London Stock Exchange
  • Market leading ultra low latency performance, supported by continuous optimisations.
  • The first deployment of Hollowcore Fibre to London Stock Exchange data centre location
  • Fully diverse backup routes
  • We own and operate our network, managing customer support 24/7/365.

euNetworks has years of experience in designing, engineering and building ultra low latency network connectivity for the financial services community. As well as our euTrade solution we offer Long Haul and Metro Wavelengths, Ethernet and Internet services, and our Cloud Connect solution to LSEG customers.

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