euNetworks Delivers Key Infrastructure to AMS-IX

London, UK; Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS 18 April 2013 – euNetworks Group Limited, today announced its key Amsterdam data centre is AMS-IX certified. This status signifies that euNetworks’ data centre in Amsterdam delivers a high standard of security and a reliable environment. Subsequently, it is one of the 4 locations that house AMS-IX’s core infrastructure and one of 12 housing their edge infrastructure in the city. In addition, euNetworks is one of two Dark Fibre providers used by AMS-IX to connect all of their core and edge infrastructure. euNetworks has supported AMS-IX with its facilities based infrastructure services for over six years, with renewal of existing Colocation and Dark Fibre service contracts secured as part of this certification.

Today AMS-IX is the world’s largest Internet exchange point in number of connected parties. This Internet exchange is where the networks of Internet Service Providers, telecom carriers, content providers, and web hosters meet to exchange Internet Protocol (IP) traffic with one another, with this commonly referred to as ‘peering’. Every member of AMS-IX can peer with any of the other connected parties.

“A reliable infrastructure is vital to AMS-IX, as we strive to serve our member’s and customer’s growing exchange needs,” said Henk Steenman, Chief Technology Officer of AMS-IX. “We have been working with euNetworks for over six years and continue to benefit from their responsiveness, flexibility and most importantly, their infrastructure capabilities. They understand the needs of the exchange and the importance of high quality infrastructure to its efficient running.”

“We are delighted to have been certified by AMS-IX and continue to support the exchange with our infrastructure,” said Uwe Nickl, Chief Marketing Officer of euNetworks. “Today AMS-IX uses our Dark Fibre services to connect all data centres where their core and edge infrastructures are located, helping AMS-IX to offer the world’s most advanced peering platform to its members and customers. AMS-IX uses our data centre as one of the locations to securely house their core network infrastructure and edge infrastructure. This also enables other euNetworks Colocation customers to connect to AMS-IX within the same building. We thank AMS-IX for their continued support of euNetworks and look forward to working with them, their members and our customers, enabling a connected world.”

About euNetworks

euNetworks is a bandwidth infrastructure company, owning and operating 17 fibre based metropolitan networks connected with a high capacity intercity backbone covering 53 cities in 17 countries. The company leads the market in data centre connectivity, directly connecting over 480 today. euNetworks is also a leading cloud connectivity provider, directly connecting to all key cloud platforms with access to additional platforms. The company offers a targeted portfolio of metropolitan and long haul services including Dark Fibre, Wavelengths, and Ethernet. Wholesale, finance, content, media, data centre and enterprise customers benefit from euNetworks’ unique inventory of fibre and duct based assets that are tailored to fulfil their high bandwidth needs.

Hannah Britt
Senior Director Marketing
Hannah Britt, Senior Director, Marketing & IR