euNetworks Delivers Diversity to Basildon from London

London, UNITED KINGDOM 17 May 2013 – euNetworks Group Limited, a pan-European bandwidth infrastructure provider, announced it has built a diverse route from London to Basildon (NYSE Euronext), supporting a growing connectivity requirement in the market. In December 2012, euNetworks launched its leading ultra low latency fibre route linking Basildon to Frankfurt. Since that time, euNetworks has leveraged this fibre route to support the many customer requests for a diverse route linking London to Basildon, with this connectivity service now live and supporting customer’s bandwidth requirements from 100Mbps Ethernet through 10Gbps Wavelengths.

euNetworks offers market leading latency performance from all major capital markets across Europe, enabling customers with direct and high bandwidth connectivity via the euTrade service portfolio.

At the core of euNetworks capability as a bandwidth infrastructure provider, is its 13 fibre based city networks owned and operated across Western Europe. euNetworks’ London metropolitan network enables customers to connect from their office building, a key data centre or exchange, through to NYSE Euronext with either Ethernet or Wavelengths services. This new route combines euNetworks’ city based bandwidth expertise with its long haul ultra low latency network platform, delivering more route options to this important market.

“Basildon is a critical trading location with growing importance to the financial community,” said David Selby, Vice President of Product and Strategy at euNetworks. “Being able to offer a diverse route out to Basildon from central London combined with our leading long haul ultra low latency capability to Frankfurt offers our customers yet another compelling reason to choose euNetworks to deliver their connectivity needs. Diversity in this market is increasingly important as customers require both low latency and high availability to fulfil their network requirements.”

About euNetworks

euNetworks is a bandwidth infrastructure company, owning and operating 17 fibre based metropolitan networks connected with a high capacity intercity backbone covering 53 cities in 17 countries. The company leads the market in data centre connectivity, directly connecting over 480 today. euNetworks is also a leading cloud connectivity provider, directly connecting to all key cloud platforms with access to additional platforms. The company offers a targeted portfolio of metropolitan and long haul services including Dark Fibre, Wavelengths, and Ethernet. Wholesale, finance, content, media, data centre and enterprise customers benefit from euNetworks’ unique inventory of fibre and duct based assets that are tailored to fulfil their high bandwidth needs.

Hannah Britt
Senior Director Marketing
Hannah Britt, Senior Director, Marketing & IR