Lowestoft to Amsterdam including Scylla

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We’ve completed a strategic investment of critical fibre-based internet infrastructure linking London and Amsterdam, including the delivery of a new subsea high fibre count cable system named Scylla that is now in service. This is the first subsea cable system between the UK and the Netherlands since 1999.

This latest state of the art, ultra high capacity fibre system extends euNetworks’ unique Super Highway network onto the Continent after delivering Super Highway 1 linking Dublin and London to Lowestoft in November 2019. euNetworks’ second Super Highway links Lowestoft via the new submarine cable Scylla to IJmuiden and then onto Amsterdam. Combined with euNetworks’ extensive metro networks in Dublin, Manchester, London and Amsterdam, the system enables any data centre to any data centre connectivity between all these metros on euNetworks’ owned and operated fibre, end-to-end.

Key features

  • A low loss network that is entirely new fibre deployment.
  • The terrestrial backhaul networks utilise new low-loss Corning SMF28 Ultra G657. A1 fibre cables and three entirely new amplification sites for the two cable landings and intermediate repeater in the UK.
  • With existing sites and backhauls built over 20 years ago, these new facilities eliminate the unreliability of old infrastructure and provide scalable and power-efficient amplification housing, with significantly reduced long-run power demands.
  • Scylla is a non-hybrid 96 pair double-armoured sea cable, solely using Corning’s SMF28 ULL (ultra low loss) G654.C pure silica fibre; giving all customers the benefit of future-proofed ultra-low attenuation on the 211km unrepeatered system.
  • This low attenuation is critical to achieving lowest cost per bit, directly driving greater bandwidth per fixed-cost transponder.
  • As well as ensuring deeper burial naturally, and laying the cable with precision and less impact on the seabed, euNetworks has buried Scylla up to 3 metres deep, offering better protection against strikes both today and in the future.

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This Super Highway is an important investment in Western European bandwidth infrastructure. We’ve delivered the first new subsea cable on this important route in 20 years and delivered a unique route running between London and Amsterdam to support the many businesses whose connectivity requirements continue to grow. Critically for our customers, this network development continues our approach of delivering highly scalable, owned and operated fibre based sustainable infrastructure to support their needs.

Paula Cogan

Chief Executive Officer