Manchester metro expansion with acquisition of The Loop

Enhancing our existing Manchester metro, adding unique routes, extra capacity and flexibility in the region.

Manchester is an important and growing digital hub and we have been keen to develop our presence in the city for some time. It also enhances our Super Highway that runs from Dublin through to Manchester, London and Lowestoft.

We launched our Manchester metro network in August 2017, developing a high density fibre footprint. That network consisted of 42km of duct network, 276 chambers and direct connection into 17 data centres around the city. The Loop Manchester launched in 2012 and was a dedicated high-speed fibre optic network in the heart of Manchester. It offered unique duct networking extending across the key commercial areas of the city and a strong compliment to our existing footprint. The combined network delivered immediate value to existing customers and new customers welcomed from The Loop. As well as serving the growing Manchester media sector, The Loop’s customers included major data centre operators, enterprises and public sector organisations.

Key features of The Loop

  • More than 87km of unique duct network
  • Covering key commercial areas of Manchester, Salford and Trafford
  • Over 180km of high capacity fibre cables
  • Connecting into 20 data centres and 2 Exchanges.
  • 70 connected buildings
  • 700 chambers and expansion capability

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The acquisition of The Loop network strengthens our customer proposition in the bandwidth infrastructure market. As well as adding unique routes to our Manchester metro, the Loop provides us with a more local presence, the flexibility to connect more data centres and buildings and the opportunity for further expansion

Brady Rafuse

Chief Executive Officer