euNetworks’ directional drilling project to connect Equinix PA3

Taking on the challenge of delivering difficult network projects to support customers

euNetworks build unique fibre-based network routes into key data centres across Europe, rapidly delivering new and additional diverse connectivity options for customers. As a provider of critical infrastructure, they are experts in developing their networks at pace, and sometimes, projects connecting data centres can be complex.

To deliver a unique connectivity solution with ‘triversity’ into Equinix PA3 recently, the euNetworks team worked 24/7 for four days. It wasn’t a simple connection, requiring two alternating teams to drill for 230 metres, up to 17 metres deep, under 15 ‘live’ railway lines at one of Europe’s busiest railway hubs – Gare du Nord. Over 400 sensors were deployed to monitor track movement, soil samples were taken to predict physical and environmental changes during the project and logistical collaboration with Equinix was organised to ensure coordination with the simultaneous building works underway at PA9+10.

Key data centres like Equinix PA3 are critical to the inter-connected digital future of businesses worldwide, and challenging projects like these deliver the additional diversity and resilience that ensures highly available data centre connectivity for customers.

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