Continued investment in market-leading ultra-low latency performance

We have completed a series of network optimisations on our ultra-low latency routes to Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange, connecting European economies to global capital markets.

These newly optimised trading routes connect from London and Frankfurt to Euronext’s core data centre in Bergamo, Italy and deliver a latency performance that positions euNetworks as the market leader in ultra-low latency services. 

We have been delivering ultra-low latency services between major European exchanges since 2009 and lead the market in innovatively delivering these fibre-based services throughout Europe. Our euTrade solution is a dedicated network platform, supporting the bandwidth needs of the financial services community. We continue to optimise routes between all the key trading exchanges. This focus and continued investment to support our customers ensures delivery of the shortest paths and lowest latencies available.

Key features

  • Newly optimised routes connecting London and Frankfurt to Euronext’s core data centre in Bergamo, Italy.
  • Market-leading ultra-low latency performance for customers across Europe.
  • Multiple hardware upgrades and over 52 kilometres of route reductions.

press releaseeuTrade

Our dedicated euTrade network platform delivers market-leading connectivity performance to the financial services community. euNetworks is a leader in investing in European critical infrastructure with a focused strategy, and we are proud to have an ongoing roadmap for further optimisations. Our customers can continue to rely on our platform for the speed and diversity they need.

Paula Cogan

Chief Executive Officer, euNetworks