Cambridge fibre network expansion

Full-fibre network to link Cambridge research institutions and enterprises to key sites in the UK, across Europe, and globally

A new way for Cambridge businesses and research institutions to connect to key sites and communities across Europe is now available thanks to Light Blue Fibre, bandwidth infrastructure provider euNetworks, and the UK Innovation Corridor’s most advanced data centre, Kao Data.

Light Blue Fibre is now being enabled by euNetworks, which specialises in data-centre-to-data-centre connectivity across the UK and Europe.

Key features

  • Delivers over 100km of duct and fibre in the Cambridge metro area
  • Direct fibre connection to Kao Data’s campus in Harlow
  • Managed optical services across Light Blue Fibre asset
  • Unique fibre routes onward to London, around the UK and across Europe

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Our pan-European network directly connects over 450 key data centres in our operating markets – that is, all the major data centres in Europe, as well as key research sites. Our diverse and unique network routes to these locations, together with the solutions offered by Light Blue Fibre and Kao Data, offer a compelling connectivity response for those in the Cambridge community undertaking mission-critical computing.

Brady Rafuse

Chief Executive Officer