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Hannah Britt

Chief Marketing Officer

Hannah Britt is Chief Marketing Officer at euNetworks, appointed to this position in January 2023. Hannah has responsibility for marketing, communications and brand strategy for the business, and has led these areas along with investor relations since joining euNetworks in January 2010.

Hannah joined the business after 5 years leading marketing and communications for Level 3 (now Lumen) Europe, with a focus on segment, product and regional marketing strategy along with investor relations. She has over 23 years of experience in the industry, holding various marketing, strategy, and analytical roles in Level 3, Interoute (now EXA Infrastructure) and Enders Analysis. She started her career in telecom in 1999 as a graduate in Level 3’s European corporate development & strategy team during the build out of its European metro and long haul network and key data centre facilities, as well as what became a period of significant telecom market consolidation.

Hannah holds a Master of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland and is an APEC research scholar. Born in Papua New Guinea and then growing up in New Zealand, Hannah has spent most of her adult working life in the UK.

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